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What Personal Shoppers for Seniors Do

what-personal-shoppers-for-seniors-doBusy executives usually have personal assistants to do anything that they do not have the time for—like running errands such as grocery shopping or pharmacy runs. And it is similar to being a shopping assistant for seniors. But it goes beyond that.

A personal shopper is a type of personalized care that caregivers provide their senior clients. They usually run errands for seniors which include grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, paperwork processing, going to appointments, and transportation services to take them to their adult care facility in Jamaica, New York.

Often, personal shopping assistants help those seniors who are unable to leave their homes or those who prefer to stay home. There is no special training or certification required to buy someone else’s groceries; all that’s needed to do is to follow their instructions. This is exactly the type of adult care support that many seniors need especially the ones who have mobility restrictions.

This service also includes being able to access local community programs and even joining us in our adult day care center in Jamaica. At Summit Adult Day Center, we help seniors live comfortably and provide them with the assistance they need exactly where they are needed.

If you or a loved one needs support at home like going to appointments, grocery shopping, and other mobility issues that you need to address, give us a call at 347-969-6243, 917-217-1395, or 718-674-6787 or message us at summitadultcare@gmail.com. We’d be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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