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Activities are provided for our clients to enjoy and further develop their abilities with the support from our trustworthy care providers.

Adult Care Center in Jamaica, New York

caregiver and seniors solving puzzleWe want our clients to achieve maximum independence, self-care, and optimal physical and mental cognitive functioning. Our team aims to do this through the following activities which we think will make our wanted outcome possible.

You or your loved ones get to enjoy the following activities:

  • Brain Games For mental stimulation
  • Daily Arts and Crafts For continued creativity through art
  • Seasonal Gardening For the sense of responsibility and fulfillment
  • Baking and Cooking Activities For fun and recreation
  • Fun Educational Activities and Board Games For consistent knowledge and learning
  • Dance and Karaoke Music Therapy For the enhancement of talent and skill
  • Exercise and Yoga Therapy For the improvement of physical attributes

For more information about our activities, please call 347-969-6243 / 917-217-1395 / 718-674-6787 or message summitadultcare@gmail.com.