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Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy During the Holidays

tips-to-keep-seniors-healthy-during-the-holidaysWhen we think of the holiday season, thoughts of gatherings and rich holiday meals usually come to mind. For older adults, staying healthy can be a great challenge during the holidays. Their exercise and sleep schedules may be disrupted with holiday activities, while their diets may be more difficult to adhere to. Hence, caregivers during this period not only provide personal care but also assist seniors in maintaining their health.

As an adult day center in Jamaica, we will share tips to help seniors maintain their health during the holidays:

  • Follow Dietary Instructions
    Seniors should continue to follow the diet recommended by their care provider. Caregivers can help by preparing healthy meals and making sure water is always easily accessible to avoid dehydration. Keep healthy options available for group dining and avoid skipping meals throughout the day.
  • Stay Warm
    Our elders are at a greater risk for hypothermia during the colder months. To ensure comfort and prevent hypothermia, make sure to bundle up. When stepping outdoors, wear the appropriate footwear and dress in layers. Adult care providers can help seniors dress up or down to help regulate body heat.
  • Keep the Body Moving
    During the colder months, it can be challenging to get enough exercise. Caregivers can assist seniors with indoor exercises like yoga, stretching, and chair workouts. Regular physical activity will help regulate body heat and keep seniors healthy.

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