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A Sanctuary for Your Loved One

a-sanctuary-for-your-loved-oneFinding the right place to take care of your loved one can be a difficult task. There are many variables that you will need to consider so that they will feel comfortable and safe during their stay.

If you are currently looking for facilities to consider, why not come to us at SUMMIT ADULT DAY CENTER? As an adult care facility in Jamaica, New York, we can provide a place where your loved ones can enjoy themselves and thrive.

The facilities we have are able to cater to each need that you or your loved one may have. In addition, our staff members will work together with you so that your loved one will be able to receive the most ideal form of care.

We are also creating several activities so that your loved ones’ stay with us becomes a memorable experience. Being a provider of adult care services, we pride ourselves on providing each of our client’s services that can’t be matched anywhere else.

If you are looking for an adult day center in Jamaica, look no further than us. We are more than happy to support and care for your loved ones while they are under our care.

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