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Social Media and Seniors: Why Do We Stay Connected?


With the emerging social networking sites and applications, the advantages of using social media in all walks of life continue to multiply. Users aging 50 and above are increasing day by day because of the convenience social media offers. Seniors in an adult day center in Jamaica or adults with disabilities see social media as a means to keep track of their mails and communicate with their loved ones. But those are not the only ways they can benefit from social media.

  • Reconnect or Forge New Connections
    Aside from communicating with their old friends and loved ones from afar, seniors, whether they’re receiving senior care at home or in an adult care facility in Jamaica, New York, can enjoy the company of other people without having to step outside. They can practice and refine their social skills with people in different age ranges.
  • Learn Something New
    Information and trends are all over the internet, so it is expected for users to learn something from it. This means that seniors can learn and enjoy new hobbies and activities from the internet apart from the activities seniors can enjoy in an adult day care center. They might also meet friends who can teach them something new; a foreign language perhaps or the basics in playing a musical instrument.
  • Take Advantage of Online Services
    Some seniors no longer have the energy and patience to go out and run errands. This is where social media and online shopping services come in handy for seniors. They provide convenience and save the elderly’s time and effort in traveling or waiting in line to get their errands done.

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