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Smart Tips to Get Picky Seniors to Eat

smart-tips-to-get-picky-seniors-to-eatDo you have senior loved ones who are picky eaters? It can be a challenge to get them to eat! There are many reasons seniors lose their appetite, from medication after-taste to dental problems. Fortunately, there are ways to get them to eat again. Remember to be patient, creative, and determined.

  • Build a routine.
    Adult care routine is essential not just in hygiene tasks but also in meal preparation. Try not to wait for seniors to feel hungry before giving them food. Create a daily routine and serve a meal on schedule. This strategy conditions their body to eat at regular times.
  • Serve nutritious, smaller portions.
    Whether at an adult care center or at home, most seniors feel overwhelmed seeing a large plate of food. Cut down on this and serve them smaller portions in their daily eating routine. Incorporate healthy calories in smaller servings, such as avocado, finely chopped meat, cheese, egg, olive oil, etc. You can still cook large batches but serve them in small servings during meals.
  • Make mealtime a fun time.
    Caregivers at an adult day center in Jamaica can assist in making mealtimes more fun! From adding colorful vegetables to their plates to preparing healthy snacks during the day, caregivers will take charge. This way, your senior loved ones will enjoy eating and look forward to it every day.

Want to help your senior loved ones reduce their risk of malnutrition and get them to eat healthily? SUMMIT ADULT DAY CENTER is here for you! We are an adult care facility in Jamaica, New York, that assists with nutritious meals, transportation, assistance with appointment scheduling, outdoor field trips, appointment scheduling, and more. Give us a call at 347-969-6243 today!

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