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Tips on Proper Medication Management in Seniors


As we age, medications become part of our adult care. It helps manage our conditions, reduce symptoms, and overall improve our health. Improper medication management may lead to not reaching your health goals as well as serious health risks.

As an adult day care center, we are experts when it comes to senior health. Here are some ways to help you properly manage your medications:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions when taking your medications. It is very important for your safety and recovery to take your medications at the right time and with the right dosage prescribed by your doctor.
  • Learn more about your medications. Knowing more about each of the medications you are taking will help you understand their side effects and other drug interactions, allowing you safely and properly administer them.
  • Give yourself reminders. Always remind yourself about your medications so that you will be able to take them consistently and on time. You can use an alarm, a medical alert device, or other methods to help you remember your medications.
  • Utilize a pill box. Pill boxes can be used to store and organize medications. Choose a pill box with a system that will help you keep track of your meds so that you can take them on a regular basis.

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