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Senior Travel: Ensuring Safety and Reducing Stress


Travel offers a plethora of new activities and experiences, but it may also present significant stressors, which can aggravate individuals in their golden years or adults with disabilities.

This article provides some useful tips to keep you safe and stress-free on your next trip or visit to an adult day center in Jamaica.

  • Make the Travel More Comfortable
    Your anxiety may already be rising as you consider the trip to your destination. However, you can avoid this tension by phoning ahead and scheduling transportation within the terminal.
  • Plan a Reasonable Itinerary

    Overstuffing your days with too many activities or sticking to an unrealistic schedule can easily ruin your vacation for a variety of reasons. Organize your schedule so that you can relax and take breaks as needed.

  • Address Health Issues
    Before you depart, check with your doctor to confirm you have all of the required travel immunizations. Take a travel medical kit with you, as well as a health clinical record documenting your current health state.
  • Allow Someone to Accompany You

    Having someone accompany you on your travel improves your safety, especially in an emergency. You have someone to call for help if you needed one.

Adopting these tips when visiting an adult day care center, medical appointments, family gatherings, or running errands can help reduce the stress that such visits can entail. Using these tips is one method to create wonderful memories instead of coping with concern.

SUMMIT ADULT DAY CENTER is your trusted adult care facility in Jamaica, New York. When we offer outdoor field trips and activities, we make sure your loved one is secure and comfortable as they enjoy and learn.

You can never go wrong with us when it comes to adult care!

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