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Senior Care: Outdoor with Nature


When was the last time you took your seniors out? Or a field trip away from the city? It was a long time ago, wasn’t it? If so, you might consider taking your seniors out with nature after reading this article.

According to a research brief produced by Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Housley, older people who have access to surrounding nature had a higher engagement in outdoor physical activities, better mental health and cognitive function, and more social contact.

Adult care facility in Jamaica, New York thinks that going outside and breathing fresh air may assist seniors and adults with disabilities on a variety of levels.

  • Mental health improvement
    Seniors who spend time outside may be less depressed and anxious. Summit Adult Day Center recommends that elders spend time in natural settings daily basis. Nature’s relaxation improves mood and enhances feelings of happiness.
  • Full of energy
    Being in nature makes your seniors feel more alive and gives them more vitality. Our adult care ensures that your seniors are exposed to nature at least once a week since this improves their memory and creativity.
  • Improved overall health
    If your elderly is injured or unwell, spending time in nature may help them heal quicker. During the day, exposing them to the warmth of the sun decreases the danger of physical problems.

Now that you know how beneficial it is for your seniors to be outdoors with nature, why not take them out sometime for a field trip or short vacation?

If you are too busy, our adult day center in Jamaica can help. To guarantee your senior’s safety, we ensure that new normal protocols are followed and that our transportation services are in good working order.

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