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How Older Adults Benefit from Yoga

How Older Adults Benefit from Yoga

Yoga offers plenty of benefits to people, most especially to older adults. How will your aging family members benefit from doing yoga? Check out the points below:

  • Improves flexibility

    Individuals become less flexible as they age. As a result, they become less capable of completing a wide variety of tasks at home and at the community. This leads to them needing adult care in Jamaica.

    Doing yoga can help your loved ones improve flexibility. When they are flexible, they can continue to fulfill their daily tasks with minimal help from others. This helps promote independence.

  • Improves balance
    Balance is crucial in reducing the risks of falls and injuries in your aging loved ones. If a fall occurs or is about to occur, balance can also help them recover. Yoga helps reduce accidents, such as falls, by improving your aging loved ones’ balance. Check out an adult care facility to know their programs for flexibility.
  • Improves breathing
    Older adults may have trouble breathing as they grow older. Furthermore, difficulties in breathing may be a result of senior individuals struggling with physical exertions. With yoga, their breathing may become better. A lot of yoga poses focus on re-aligning the spine which can then set up the lungs for proper breathing.
  • Promotes healthy bones and joints
    Indeed, there are many other exercises that can help keep the bone and the joints healthy. But, some of these exercises may be too much for older adults. Yoga helps give your loved ones a similar benefit but with lesser physical exertion and force on their bones and joints.
  • Promotes good mental health
    Yoga helps reduce anxiety and stress levels. As a result, older individuals get to have good mental health.
  • Bonus: Yoga can help keep seniors socially active.
    When your senior loved ones do yoga in the company of their peers, they get to be as socially active as before. There are lesser times when they have to stay at home alone. When they are socially active, this does a lot to their mental and general health. They can enroll in yoga programs in an adult day center in Jamaica, New York or other senior community centers.

Summit Adult Day Center offers a variety of care services that aim to help you and your loved ones go through aging the healthy way. Call us to discuss our care.

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