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Correcting the Top 5 Aging Misconceptions

Correcting the Top 5 Aging Misconceptions

When you think about aging, what usually comes to your mind? Different people have different answers. However, what we feed our minds is going to influence greatly on how we see things around us. When we think of elderly age as a season full of opportunities, we will look forward to these years. However, when we think of senior years as a bleak season, we will dread its arrival.

As an adult day center in Jamaica, New York, we seek to dispel the negative connotations associated with aging. Whatever these misconceptions are, they should be corrected so that more and more people can look forward to a productive aging. Consider the following items below.

  1. Seniors don’t like to go outdoors
    This idea prevails from the concept of grandparents sitting by the porch reading newspapers or drinking coffee. While some seniors do enjoy this kind of relaxation at home, they also enjoy heading outdoors and traveling. Now that they have retired, they have more financial and time support to travel to their favorite destinations, making the outdoor experience exciting for them.
  2. Seniors are not sociable
    In fact, being sociable is an innate human trait that no age can take away. This is the very reason why in our adult care facility, we provide activities and gatherings for seniors so they can make new friends with other seniors and socialize. We recognize that the need to be with other people can benefit the wellbeing of another person. Seniors who join our daily programs can also enjoy these social advantages.
  3. Seniors don’t make sound decisions
    While cognitive issues can be easily associated with aging, these are only true for those diagnosed with cognitive illnesses. Wisdom is reaped through years of experience, and this is what our seniors have. With their wisdom, they can provide practical insight to the younger ones, as well as able to make careful decisions for themselves.
  4. Seniors are no longer interested in living
    On the contrary, seniors have more appreciation on life because they are approaching the end of it. When you know you’re getting to the end, you tend to go back to your past experiences with appreciation. You will learn to seize the remaining moments with every opportunity provided to you. Seniors have this privilege and they are seizing it.
  5. Seniors are frail and ailing
    The biological aspect of life may lead to physical weakness. However, with healthy meals, correct exercise, and meaningful relationships, the risks of having diseases can be reduced. Seniors can still live healthy and disease-free aging years when they have maintained a healthy lifestyle.

How is your senior family member spending their elderly years? Why don’t you invite them to our facility providing adult care in Jamaica? We provide exciting programs, healthy meals, and safe transportation so that they can further enjoy their senior years. They can also meet new friends at SUMMIT ADULT DAY CENTER, which is healthy for their age. If you’re interested, ask us.

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