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Get Moving! Group Exercises for Seniors

Get Moving! Group Exercises for Seniors

Exercising has always been among the effective ways to attain overall health. No matter how old you are, engaging in regular physical exercises is always healthy for your body. We are even encouraged to exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes every day. Isn’t this very doable? But here’s an even more interesting thing to note. Exercising with friends or companions is even helpful for one’s health.

As an adult day center in Jamaica, New York, we recognize that not only is exercise beneficial for one’s health, but doing it in groups can be even more interesting. Allow us to provide you with this quick look at how doing group exercises are especially beneficial for your aging loved one.

  • Meeting New Friends
    It’s always great to meet new people who can potentially become our friends. Seniors can especially benefit from this as their mental health is boosted. They can engage in healthy conversations that can sharpen their mind. They can also reduce isolation, which is a risk for acquiring depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. When they have new friends who can exercise with them, they can also be motivated to pursue their health goals through physical exercises.
  • Affirmation of Progress
    When someone is still new to doing exercises, it can be extra challenging to accomplish on a daily basis. One might feel discouraged about not being able to meet the goals in the beginning stages. When exercising with others, however, the companions can provide the voice of affirmation so that the person will know that they’re showing progress in the healthy regimen. These affirmations are very helpful in the attainment of overall health.
  • Great Motivators
    In doing group exercises, the senior person can find a great company of health motivators who can also be accountable for their health goals. When chronic illnesses come in the aging season, the senior person may find more reasons not to stay active due to physical challenges. However, their companions in group exercises can help check on them and provide a motivational element in pursuing their health goals to overcome the difficulties.

In our adult care facility, we can say that the proverbial two heads are always better than one. We all need companions in life, not only in doing exercises but even in our daily activities. Our senior loved ones who choose to age at home also deserve this opportunity to be with others not only to help ensure that their activities at home are safe but also to help improve their mental wellbeing.

At SUMMIT ADULT DAY CENTER, we understand how essential it is for seniors to also go outdoors, be with others, and do something positive and healthy for their body, mind, and spirit. For this reason, we continue to provide quality adult care in Jamaica so that even when seniors are outside their home and with us, their welfare is still being ensured.

What other benefits of group exercises have you experienced? Comment your insights below!

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